What Are Psychic Readings Really Used For?

This reading is first in response to everyone else who has wandered to this page or those looking for the true value of what a Psychic Reading can truly provide one looking for answers. I’ve also decided to stick this under one of our better articles categories because it has merits in both, not only can this help you understand what reading energy is truly for but it can be used as a training module to help you understand what type of undertaking you are pushing for when looking to become psychic (a true healing psychic — big difference (which will have to be written about another time)!

When one comes to a psychic they usually have uncertainties, fears, regrets, and possibly anger or confusion. Typical right? Of course! You and I are human and these are mechanisms of how we deal with the unknown. But in many cases the challenges you see in front of you are bound by different types of energies conflicting inside ourselves, it could be from eating the wrong food to believing toxic thoughts (or worse saying them) that may even be unconsciously driven from things that happened even before you were born (genetics) but no matter what the reason your challenge exists it has an answer of resolve. Many times when people receive psychic readings they are deceived by believing either a white light lie (dampening a harsh reading) or a brutal truth (telling the truth of exactly what the cards say without exception), inside both of these types of answers; a true action plan is usually never set to help heal the individual or individuals involved!

So let me help you understand exactly what a psychic reading or any type of energy reading is truly about. Throughout your life, you’re constantly living in one time and that time is now! As you read this you are surrounded by oneness and timelessness that never goes forward nor backward but can influence what we call the past and the future! In the now is where you can truly bend “life’s rule book“. But usually individuals and perhaps even you (and I’ve done it too and still do) go unconscious to our ultimate power and we succumb to “what is” and “what is” is exactly what we believe it to be (whatever the challenge maybe).

From this point is where most people that get psychic readings get their reading from (how it played out). What does that mean? That means in the current emotional and belief state the reading will dictate exactly what is and will continue to be as long as the current belief patterns and thoughts do not change and as long as those beliefs and thoughts do not change, the end reading will continue on until you realize that you have complete control of your life and your happiness and no outside force needs to be applied to feel absolutely engaged spiritually and fulfilled by be-ing!

Now I understand in many cases this is exactly what your spiritual practice is all about, finding one's center, removing triggering anchors that inundate you, and being in the moment which is where all your power stems from. But life happens, and it is wonderful that it does, for you and I are learning to navigate this wondrous and mysterious arena called life, and the more you and I tackle (our challenges) the more spiritual belief power you will gain through this life. But how do you truly gain a firm positive belief center that can overcome what ails you?

Proper prayer can accomplish this feat and leave you in awe after you notice how quickly your life circumstances can change. By praying or meditating correctly you open yourself up to freedom and truth of what is in that (this) moment, which is exactly what you want in your life! So how do you pray correctly? Simple really! You are praying all day long by the thoughts you carry with you, by the fears, worries, and thoughts that pass by your mind's eye day in and out. What you need to do is focus on the things you want to see in your reality. But this is where correct prayer and prayer take their separate ways.

Many times people have been conditioned to pray (or meditate) in ways that only address “what is” and what you NEED! Need is a feeling coming from the emotional feeling of LACK, lack then becomes “what is” and that “what is” is what continues. This is the reason when you get a psychic reading (or any type of reading) you’ll notice that it can change throughout the day simply by the thoughts you carry in your mind. So perhaps you can start seeing a pattern now, the thoughts we carry into reading are the energy that will be reflected back either in tarot cards or by an intuitive response. You can change everything that is to come by simply changing your thought patterns and beliefs (your emotions).

But let me redirect back to how to pray properly because this is one way to blow out blocks towards your internal unconscious/subconscious belief patterns. I’m going to take a great example I heard from an audiobook by Gregg Braden and paste it here in this video. From this video, you’ll notice that the “NEED” that comes from modern-day prayer is not prayer that will assist you in your life’s desires! Although it serves you without question, if you want to feel more “NEED” then pray for something to happen and you will have your wish granted! But.. if you want to feel enjoyment, happiness, success, love, romance, friendship, community, or anything else you desire then simply FEEL what it feels like. Can it be as simple as that? Absolutely!

But one more thing comes up and I believe this is what separates Fair Trade Psychics (aka Psychic Readings Source) from many other psychic reading lines today! Our psychics are trained in clearing mental, physical, and spiritual blocks using several different methods that have been proven over and over again in our readings! If you happen to be vibrationally blasting off an energy that is not in your desired best interest our psychics are trained and willing to gently guide you through block clearings that can help you become one with that “feeling” you are looking for.

For example, right now I will share with you a very popular clearing method called E.F.T which stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, it was started by Gary Craig and it has been used to clean and clear things as tough as PTSD as well mend bodies back together after dis-ease has taken hold. Everything that we feel in our bodies be it physical, mental or spiritual is all related to what you think and believe, by using FREE methods you can do a simple tapping session on what you want to occur and it will help you blow bits and pieces of doubt and unconscious beliefs (that you didn’t even know we're there) and give you the edge to start promoting energy that resonates with your ult most desires.

So fret not, worry not. Even though you may not have had the news you were hoping for, you now know why! It’s because of your “NEED” for what you want. Simply accept the energy of fulfilled emotional satisfaction and you shall receive it — it’s guaranteed by life’s handbook! So to end this article, the purpose of a psychic reading is to help you know without a doubt if your energy is in alignment with your highest good and your intentions. It’s simply a clean mirror shining brightly back at you with the same energy you are putting in your world!



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Welcome to the Psychic Center a place where you can information and readings from different psychics, mediums & spiritual guides https://worldpsychiccenter.com